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Expert Landscape Architecture Firms Can Help Traverse Tough Town Regulations That May Severely Impact Your Custom Pool or Landscape Project–Bergen County NJ.

Landscape Architecture and Your Town:

Most landscape and swimming pool projects must receive approval from the municipalities in which they are built. In some instances, this can make certain works of landscape architecture significantly more challenging to complete or, more specifically, to begin. Due to strict or quirky municipal regulations, that “dream backyard” a homeowner desires can be nearly impossible to achieve. The reason however, that such a backyard is not completely unattainable, is because an experienced landscape architecture firm may find a way to produce a design that satisfies the municipality, while simultaneously meeting every one of the homeowner’s requests.

What are some of the challenges that can arise with inground swimming pool, landscaping, and masonry projects? It really depends on the municipality, but challenges often include: cut and fill restrictions, impervious coverage laws, side and rear yard setbacks, and many other regulations that can factor into a landscape architecture project. Quite recently, news was published regarding leaf blower regulations in a certain municipality in Connecticut. Again, townships can have very strict, or even unusual, regulations when it comes to swimming pools, landscapes, masonry, construction, and renovation.

As you approach your landscape or swimming pool project, it is always a good idea to search for a landscape architecture firm that has experience working within your municipality or neighboring towns. This guideline should not rule out a landscape architecture firm from designing your project, but it can be an added bonus if they do in fact have this vital experience. Generally, the landscape architect should have experience with challenging projects. The ability to work within municipal restrictions is a necessary skill for any landscape architect; the degree to which the landscape architecture firm can adjust to more strict regulations or unusual challenges helps to distinguish between the most experienced landscape architects and run-of-the-mill design companies.

Landscape architects do not always use their creativity to work within municipal regulations. Sometimes this creativity can fall outside and around town guidelines. In these cases, experienced landscape architecture companies will have a history of variances for construction. Variances simply put, are exceptions to land use regulations. They can be awarded based upon creative and practical alternatives to township regulations. For example, the firm may be looking to build a swimming pool in a flood plain where it is not allowed. A unique swimming pool design with raised coping may solve the flood plain and stormwater issues in such a way that satisfies this town. Such a pool design might therefore earn a variance for construction.

Overall, landscape architects can speed up the approval process for permits. If they have experience with the municipality, they will know exactly what it takes to acquire permits for construction. Difficulties may arise during this process, but experienced landscape architects can also earn variances for construction. This makes the landscape architect extremely valuable from the very start. Aside from all of the practical benefits, the best landscape architecture firms can also produce wildly imaginative designs that meet every one of the homeowner’s requests.

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