Landscape Architect:

Bill Moore Licensed NJ Lanscape Architect

Infield Designer:

Chris Cipriano

Landscaping, Pool & Masonry:

Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping.


Replace condemned pool with a Five Star Resort swimming pool.


This project actually started as a renovation, the homeowner started with a different pool contractor and during the construction process the pool had a catastrophic failure and had to be completely demolished.

Our goal for the project was to create a one of a kind poolscape unlike any other pool the homeowner had ever seen. The concept of this freeform pool was to captivate the user with its beautiful curves, engage them with technical features such as the vanishing edge wall and perimeter overflow edge also attract them to the pool with the large waterfalls.

 Custom Pool Features:

  • 100 foot vanishing edge wall finished in glass tile
  • 90 foot Lautner edge perimeter overflow
  • 15 low voltage LED lights in pool
  • 200 square foot sun shelf finished in glass tile
  • Perimeter overflow spa finished in glass tile
  • Large boulder waterfall with 800 GPM water flow system

Custom Masonry Features:

  • Custom template Dolomitic limestone coping
  • Custom limestone patio with inlays patterns and border detailing
  • Venetian plaster added over portions of the limestone barrier wall

As construction began on this 1200 square-foot pool it was critical that we analyze the pre-existing conditions which caused the failure of the original pool vessel. Testing was done and it was determined that there was unstable soil down to a 15 foot depth. We removed the soil and replaced it with gravel which was compacted and created a stabilized bed for the new structure.
The steel rebar installation for this pool was extremely complicated due to the fact of having to work a vanishing edge in addition to the perimeter overflow all in one vessel. the gunite installation wasn’t any easier, goal of this pool is to be as close to level as possible for even water distribution over the vanishing and overflow edges so a precision shoot is critical.
It was determined early on that glass tile would be the finish on the vanishing edge, sun shelf and spa so once again it was imperative that we meet the measurements required for a clean tile installation. 15 low-voltage LED color changing lights were utilized in this design in order to minimize hotspots on the pool floor and cast an even light across the bottom of the pool. The pool also featured a 18 foot wide waterfall cascading into the swimming pool.
This is without a doubt the most technically advanced pool we have ever built and you can judge for yourself whether or not we were able to pull it off.