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Glass Tile Swimming Pools

Cipriano is the only National Award Winning Glass Tile Installer in NJ

Cipriano uses iridescent glass tile to adorn luxury inground pools with rich color and intricate mosaic designs. Glass tile swimming pools sparkle in the summer sun with iridescent tile coating the pool from top to bottom; other award winning pools reach extraordinary levels of artistry with detailed glass tile accents and mosaics. For poolside dining, glass tile backsplash brings style and flavor to custom outdoor kitchens and grills.

Glass tile comes in a host of dazzling colors and blends with varying iridescence and translucence. In addition, glass tile has the unique ability to conform to any shape and designs you desire. All of these qualities make glass tile the practical, aesthetically pleasing solution for your back yard’s finishing touches. When the job is done, glass tile lets you cool down in the pool or fire up the grill with unmistakable style.

In 2014, Coverings Installation & Design Awards, which attracts some of the tile and stone industry’s greatest talent and notable projects from around the world, awarded Cipriano with a 2014 CID Award for the Violin Glass Tile Swimming Pool. The entrants showcased, exhibit a highest level of technical skill and design artistry in the industry.

Cipriano Landscape Design was named a 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 “Top 50 Pool Builder” in the United States by Pool and Spa News the industry’s leading publication.

We also earned the 2011 Exemplary Achievement Award from the Mason Contractors Association of America.