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Irrigation Installer & System Design

When plants die on landscape construction projects, often the landscaping company that planted the material blames the company that installed the irrigation system. No one wants to accept blame, leaving you, the client, in the middle of a third-party dispute. The blame game between landscapers and sprinkler companies is as old as the industries themselves; however, the dispute can be completely avoided by choosing one company to complete your landscaping and irrigation. Therefore if a plant dies, you know who is responsible. Cipriano Landscape Design is a landscape architecture firm, licensed irrigation company, landscape lighting expert, horticulture specialist, and landscape Maintenance Company. With our complete range of services, you can trust us to carry out the entire design and installation process as we stand by our work and services.

Cipriano Landscape Design is a NJ-based pool, landscaping, and masonry company that offers every possible service from design and construction through installation and maintenance. Complete outdoor living spaces are designed, completed and maintained by our company, bringing convenience and accountability to every job and every aspect of the job. When it comes to NJ irrigation companies, this plays a crucial role if a plant does indeed fail. Try our 2-year full plant warranty to ensure the success of your landscape. We have installed complex irrigation systems, including drip irrigation systems on properties up to 4 acres in size. As a skilled irrigation company, Cipriano guarantees the proper care and nourishment of the landscape design we install, no matter how large or complex the system.

Why hire Cipriano for your landscape & swimming pool project?

Cipriano Landscape Design And Custom Swimming Pools was named a 2013, 2014 and 2015 “Top 50 Pool Builder” in the United States by Pool and Spa News.

Cipriano also earned the 2011 Exemplary Achievement Award from the Mason Contractors Association of America.

In 2014, Cipriano also received the Coverings Installation & Design Awards for an all glass tile swimming pool.

Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Swimming Pools Awarded at The Piscine Global Expo’s 2014 Pool Vision Award in Lyon, France.

2014 The National Landscape Award of Excellence *Grand Award* from the Professional Landscape Network (PLANET).