Landscape Architect:

Bill Moore Licensed NJ Lanscape Architect

Infield Designer:

Chris Cipriano

Landscaping, Infinity Pool & Masonry:

Cipriano Landscape Design and Custom Swimming Pools.


Utilizing vertical stone structures we developed a unique and natural look for the client with cascading plantings for a one of a kind infinity edge swimming pool.


This project features a multi-tiered, natural style, infinity edge swimming pool, also known as an vanishing edge swimming pool or negative edge swimming pool. We faced a number of challenges in creating this particular swimming pool with its waterfall and infinity edge. Our main challenge was to overcome a steep elevation change, but a waterfall and a vanishing edge might have been just what we needed to complete this backyard masterpiece.

Natural infinity Edge Swimming Pool with Custom Features:

  • -Natural infinity edge flowing down towards the dining patio
  • -Two waterfalls: one flowing into the pool and one flowing out over the infinity edge creating three tiers
  • -Palisades blast rock and Pennsylvania chunk Kearney stone, set vertically to mimic the natural outcroppings of the Palisades overlooking the Hudson River
  • -A raised spa off to the side that feeds naturally into the swimming pool

Natural Landscape and Masonry Features:

  • -Outdoor fireplace
  • -Full service kitchen and bar
  • -Koi Pond
  • -Boulder rock outcropping retaining wall
  • -Natural Tennessee Crab Orchard pool patio and a Bluestone dining patio
  • -Masses of plantings for color and texture, as well as dense trees in the back for privacy

The goal in the backyard design was to create usable space on an otherwise unusable slope. Municipal restrictions on cut and fill limited the pool placement in the rear property. In addition, any traditional large boulder waterfalls would reduce the size of the pool, and usable space was scarce.

The answer to all of these problems was three-tiered: a 7-foot waterfall, a swimming pool, and a natural infinity edge flowing down to a collection pool. In order to save space, the natural stone for the waterfall was set vertically to mimic the natural outcroppings of the Palisades overlooking the Hudson River. At first, the homeowners were skeptical of this, but we provided photographs of it in a natural environment to convince them of the aesthetic benefits. The vertical placement of these stones became the most unique aspect of the vanishing edge swimming pool and its waterfalls.

The natural infinity edge pool’s massive waterfall ties in a twenty-six foot elevation change as it transitions to the elevation of the house. The two waterfalls flow over the alternately smooth Kearney stone and jagged Palisades blast rock to produce purposeful sound that would drown out the noise of a nearby highway. Somehow the waterfall and vanishing edge manage to do all that, while, at the same time, producing a powerful scene of nature’s beauty. The spa, set off to the side on the swimming pool level, makes for the best place to listen to and gaze upon the beautiful waterfall and watch the water disappear off the swimming pool’s infinity edge. The dining area makes for the perfect spot to watch the water effortlessly cascade over the infinity edge to the collection pool at your feet.

A full landscape of various textures softened the rocky structure of the natural infinity edge and waterfall with color and density. The plants, strategically-placed, weave in and out of the natural infinity edge pool’s sharp angles in order to allow the entire yard to flow as effortlessly as the waterfall and infinity edge.

All the way down to the dining patio, this yard was filled with all of the amenities the homeowners needed to entertain friends and family. An outdoor fireplace was installed, along with a full kitchen and bar area. We included a large bluestone patio for the dining area. This would match the upper patio in color but also bring a splash of formality to the natural look of the waterfall and infinity edge swimming pool. One of the finishing touches on this project was a small koi pond with a calming creek flowing from it to provide balance to the awe-inspiring grandeur of the infinity edge pool.

In the front yard, boulder rock outcroppings, interspersed with waves of flowering shrubs and perennials, were chosen to line the driveway in order to create a natural look that matches the natural infinity edge swimming pool and, at the same time, reduces infrastructure costs. A bridal staircase at the front entry welcomes the arrival of guests. Twin bluestone walkways wind around the brick entry fountain with pre-cast balustrades and brick walls to match the brick on the house. These components create an estate-style entry courtyard that greets guests with formality and style that allows them to feel as though they’ve stepped into a different world when they enter the back yard with its stunning, natural infinity edge swimming pool and waterfall.

In the end, the greatest challenges always yield the greatest results. In this case, that result was a three-tiered, natural infinity edge swimming pool that mimics the stone outcroppings overlooking the Hudson River. With waterfalls to drown out the noise of a highway, a beautiful landscape to soften the rugged infinity edge pool, and a koi pond to bring peace to nature’s splendor, this project defines versatility. Tackling one issue at a time, the project, from the front yard to the back yard, took on a life of its own. Between the challenges of the municipality and the difficulties of the site itself, the construction of this swimming pool with a infinity edge proved to be a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved.