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New Pool & Outdoor Kitchen Designs Featuring Radiant Heating, Outdoor TV’s On Lifts with Surround Sound, & Iphone Controls for Landscape Lighting-Bergen County NJ

New Outdoor Living /Kitchen Design Innovations- Bergen County NJ

New Pool & Outdoor Kitchen Designs Featuring Radiant Heating, Outdoor TV’s On Lifts with Surround Sound, & Iphone Controls for Landscape Lighting-Bergen County NJ

As technological advances continue to dominate nearly every aspect of our lives, there is no reason why these innovations should not have a profound effect on your landscape as well. For example, many individuals engage in a constant battle between their love for the outdoors, and their television set.  Should you spend some time outside with your family getting fresh air, or should you stay inside to watch the game?  Thankfully, due to a groundbreaking novelty, these two things are no longer mutually exclusive. You can now relish the crisp outdoors while simultaneously staying updated on your favorite TV shows, by using an outdoor television outfitted with a hydraulic lift.

The benefits of this state-of-the-art hydraulic technology include:

  1. Being outside and watching television, while still enjoying the comforts of your own living room.
  2. The ability to lower your TV into the outdoor living or kitchen structure, and thus not have it ruin the view of your landscape.
  3. The capacity to “wow” your friends, neighbors, and family.

This set can additionally be outfitted with surround sound to give you the ultimate experience in outdoor luxury.

Furthermore, just because the weather gets a bit cooler, doesn’t mean that you have to stop utilizing your outdoor living or kitchen space. You now have the option of heating your patio stone with a radiant heating system, which runs off either electricity, or hot water. Allow your feet, body, and soul, to be warmed up by these incredible heating mechanisms, as you enjoy a crisp October afternoon BBQ with your family, or a brisk November dinner with friends. There are several things to consider however when deliberating as to which heating option is right for you.

  1. The Hot Water Option utilizes pipes that run in the concrete slab beneath the stone of your patio, and are connected to a small external boiler, or the preexisting boiler in your home. The warm water that courses through these pipes are in essence what warms up the patio stones.  This option is significantly more energy efficient than using electricity over time, but does require a drastically higher startup cost.
  2. The Electric Option operates using wires that are laid down between the slab and stone of your patio. The wires generate the energy required to heat your patio. This option does not have as high a start up cost as does the hot water option, but it will cost you appreciably more in energy usage over time.

Outdoor lighting options have also continued to advance, which allow you to make the most out of your outdoor amenities even once the sun goes down. LED lights, which are low voltage fixtures, are now available on the market in many different styles. These lights are 75 to 90% more energy efficient than the standard low voltage fixture and also come with 5 or 10 year warranty. The inconspicuous under mounted fixtures are one of our favorite, they are great for maintaining  a clean, elegant, and sleek look of a design.  Our landscape lighting systems also included Iphone controls for the on/off functions and to change the light colors in the fixtures.

Overall, it is good to stay up to date with technology as it relates to your landscape, and any one of the aforementioned innovations is guaranteed not only to enhance the enjoyment of your landscape and associated luxuries, but further to equip you with state of the art technology.  As with any complex feature however, remember to always use experienced architects and builders, who will ensure the safe installation and usage of your modern landscape innovations.

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