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New Cipriano Fire Table offers a sophisticated alternative to outdoor fire features such as the fire pit, fireplace, or the chimenea. Bergen County, Northern NJ.

Today’s contemporary world is one of differences. Everyone enjoys their own a specific style of music, brand of clothing, television shows, and hobbies.  While there are very few items left that still promote unity and cohesiveness among all peoples, there is an ancient one that still exists: fire.  There is just something about those warm flickering flames that make friends and family leave behind their differences and gather around the flames seeking warmth, relaxation, and comfort.  There are numerous fire features on the market today that allow homeowners to incorporate fire and its magical qualities onto their landscape in a safe and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Outdoor Fireplaces:

Traditional outdoor fireplaces are an extremely common way in which homeowners choose to incorporate fire onto their landscapes.  What’s great about these fireplaces is that they can be assembled to satisfy the exact wishes of the homeowner.  If the homeowner desires a fireplace that exudes unadulterated luxury, then it can be built using extravagant inlays and corbels and other such characteristics, to ensure its lavish nature.  In contrast, if a homeowner requests a more natural look, the fireplace can be designed to appear more rugged, and worn with natural boulders.

Outdoor-Fire Pits:

Outdoor fire-pits are also quite prevalent, and can also be specifically adapted to the precise wishes and styles of the homeowner for whom it is being built.  These differ from fireplaces in that instead of resembling the conventional fireplace structure, they usually protrude directly from the ground, with no walled structure around it.  These fire features more closely resemble a bonfire at a camping site.

The New Cipriano Fire Table:

The Cipriano Fire Table is unique in that it takes the luxury associated with traditional fire features to an entirely new league.  To the unprepared individual, this exterior coffee table would seem just like any other, and indeed it can be used, as any other table would be.  Once the table is cleared off, the homeowner –-using an Iphone APP and other cutting-edge wireless technologies—can turn on the low voltage automatic igniter, after which glorious flames erupt from the center of the table. The flame is maintained by a gas burner, which is entirely concealed within the structure of the table. Using a decorative crushed gas can additionally enrich the flame.  This incredible table is made out of stone, and similar to other fire features, it can be molded and designed to fit the exact wishes of the homeowner.

Overall, the most important factor when dealing with any sort of fire feature is that of safety.  In order to ensure the highest level of safety, it is imperative that experienced companies both design and implement your fire feature. This will ensure the endurance and safety of your fire feature, which will allow you and your family to enjoy it for many years to come.

For the latest information on outdoor fire features please contact or call Cipriano Landscape Design at 201-785-0800 and ask for Chris, Keith or Bill.