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Thinking about investing in your front yard or backyard landscaping but need some help. Design ideas for a tight renovating budget. Bergen County, Northern NJ

Are you thinking about investing in your landscaping? Don’t know where to start? If you’re renovating on a budget, how do you prioritize? Should you make the front yard more inviting or invest in the backyard landscape design for more enjoyment? In this blog, I will outline some basic front and backyard landscaping ideas to help meet your front and backyard landscape goals.

If you need a short-term, front yard landscape solution, you will probably want to add curb appeal to the home with a fresh planting or simple renovation. It will make the home look more appealing and inviting for guests or passersby. Curb appeal can increase the value of the home and make it easier to sell when on the market. If you’re not on a tight budget and really want to make the home more inviting, you may invest in a driveway design renovation with pavers or paver accents. A new foundation planting could liven up the front yard landscape design as well.

From a landscape architecture perspective backyard landscape design is more about experience and enjoyment; this enables you to take into account some more long-term goals than in the front yard. If you want to invest in a backyard landscape renovation, you can dramatically change your outdoor living experience for years to come. The benefits of a major backyard investment will be family interaction, fun, and entertainment. Some short-term backyard goals include patio repairs, lighting, and irrigation. These simple solutions improve the functionality of the back yard. They are worthwhile no matter how long you plan on living in your home.

When deciding between your different landscape investment possibilities, consider your lifestyle needs and the amount of time you plan to live in your home.  Naturally, this will help you balance between short and long-term goals. If you plan on moving some time within the next 3 years but want to invest wisely in your landscape, it will probably be a bit safer to invest in a front yard renovation. The front yard landscape improvements will payoff when it comes time to move out. Over the first couple of years, your landscape will mature and be more valuable at the time of sale; it will also make your home more aesthetically pleasing for you, guests, neighbors, or anyone driving by the house. If you are content with your front yard landscape but do not plan on spending too many years in your current home, consider patio repairs, lighting, and irrigation to get the best bang for your buck.

Try to find a way to balance short and long-term goals. If on a budget, you can find some compromise between front yard appearance versus backyard experience. Whichever priorities you set in place, these landscaping ideas should place you well on your way to a successful landscape design or renovation.

If you have any questions please Email or call our landscape architecture office and ask for Bill Moore, the # is 201-785-0800.