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Installing glass tile in your swimming pool as an afterthought is going to cost you dearly! Designing this specialty pool from the very start will save you Big Bucks!!!! NJ Inground Pools

Glass tile is being used in the latest luxury swimming pool designs in many different applications from mosaic inlays and details, to the entire interior finish. The end result from a skilled glass tile installation is beautiful, and adds another level of beauty and elegancy to a luxurious swimming pool project.


Consumers need to have a basic understanding of the additional components required to build a glass tile pool. A pool builder experienced with glass tile who knows that glass tile is going to be the ultimate finish for the pool must make extra preparations in early phases of construction.  Therefore it is important for homeowners to decide early if you want glass tile because these early preparations must be made. If you switch to glass tile later in the process it will not only delay the construction process, but also certainly increase the installation cost.


A significant advantage of being both the inground pool builder and the tile installer is we control every facet of construction and install the tile, we ensure that everything is properly planned and prepared throughout the process. Too often we hear how the glass tile installers show up to a job site only to find that the pool hasn’t been correctly prepared. This can mean many things such as the fittings were not properly installed or light fixtures aren’t plumb, but it usually means the pool was not built true to form.


Glass tile, although very beautiful, will show any imperfection in a pool shell. If walls are not perfectly plum and floors are not perfectly level the glass tile will reveal these imperfections as patterns will not match up across the pool.  At night the pool lights will cast shadows on any flaws. Generally, pool builders usually aren’t concerned with this level of detail since these little discrepancies don’t appear in a plastered pool as they do in a glass tile pool. When glass tile installers show up to a project and deem that the pool is not true to form they have to perform what is called a build out, where concrete is slowly applied to the shell to make walls plum and floors level. This process takes more time and can add up to 50% to the cost of tile installation.


If you are interested in including glass tile in your pool the best way to avoid these unforeseen costs and delays is make sure you convey that to your pool designer or builder as early in the process as possible. Hiring a designer and builder that is knowledgeable in both preparing for and installing glass tile will also help avoid these added costs.  When built correctly no one can argue about the amazing look of a finished glass tile pool.


You may be wondering then, is glass tile worth it? Absolutely! The elegant, finished look of shimmering glass tile when viewed through the water is spectacular. The end result and seeing the homeowner’s excitement with their new luxury pool makes all of the extra work and preparation well worthwhile. As a homeowner, if a luxury custom pool is something you’ve dreamed about and an all glass tile pool is an option for you, then make sure you convey that as early as possible in the pool design process, and work with a pool builder experienced in installing glass tile. If you have any additional questions please contact our office at 201-785-0800 or email us at