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Don’t have a cliff or the ocean in your backyard? No worries! Creative vanishing edge swimming pool designs can be a stunning stand-alone feature!

Vanishing edge swimming pools, also called infinity edge pools, can create some truly spectacular backyard scenes. They have a great ability of extending the feeling and view of the backyard into the surrounding area. Vanishing edges are used primarily on a sloping property where the land falls off as you move away from the home. In these situations the edge of the water can create an illusion of extending into the sky or nearby body of water.


Although typically used in the above scenario, vanishing edge pools can work wonderfully on properties that don’t have that awe-inspiring view or an inviting surrounding landscape. In these instances the inground pools theemselves art the work of art or you can utilize, trees, statues, artwork or other designed elements can be used as a focal point to accentuate the view off the vanishing edge, adding more drama into the scene.


Our landscape architecture office recently designed two vanishing edge projects for homeowners where the surrounding landscape did not open up into a great vista. On one project the vanishing edge was located in the middle of the property and faced towards the surrounding woods. When the pool is still a beautiful reflection of the tree line and sky emerges across the surface of the water.  The weir wall on this project is finished entirely in 2” tile and because of the pool design, the clients are able to sit on the lower side of the vanishing edge and enjoy the wonderful tiled water wall.


On the other project we planted a beautiful deodar cedar as a specimen tree just behind the vanishing edge. When looking out across the pool, it creates the image of the water flowing right into the tree trunk and lower branches of the cedar. When the water is still the great characteristics of the tree like the architecture of the branches, unique bark and needle-like leaves are reflected with the sky as a beautiful image in the pool.



While incredibly beautiful, vanishing edges are also one of the most difficult features in swimming pool construction and the one with the highest failure rate.

As always if your doing a vanishing edge pool it is important that you prequalify your contractor. Properly constructing a vanishing edge pool takes years of experience to understand all of the little nuances associated with it. To be sure your contractor has enough experience, ask him to take you to completed vanishing edge projects in the area so you can see his work first hand. While visiting their completed work look for large calcium deposits or plaster discoloration in the collection trough, tiles falling off of the weir wall or for any cracks in the weir wall. Any of these signs should be alarming for homeowners as these are the warning signs of a larger structural failure to come. If you see any of these signs, they are good indications that your contractor may not be experienced enough to handle such a project.


Vanishing edge pools can be used in many different ways if your pool designer and builder have the creativity and experience to accomplish it. When done correctly they are wonderful but when built poorly they create an extra headache and expense for the homeowner. If you are interested in a vanishing edge pool or have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 201-785-0800 or email us at