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Designing a luxury indoor pool? Here are some essential indoor swimming pool ideas & tips to consider. By Cipriano Landscape Design 2013 Top 50 Pool Builder USA.



Are you building a new home and don’t have any idea what to do about designing and building an indoor pool inside the house? Do you have the space for an indoor pool in your home, but don’t know where to start with the indoor pool design?


Indoor pools are the ultimate luxury home amenity, but their design and construction can be intimidating for new homes or home renovations. Often the investment of inground pools can be challenging enough; the foreign territory of building a backyard amenity inside the home can be even more daunting. Consider some of these tips for indoor pool designs to help make the process a little less frightening..


First, look at the aesthetics of the room.  We suggest the indoor pool and the surrounding room complement and fit the house. When we plan a pool room we explore all the intended uses of the space. We may incorporate a bar area, living room setting with perhaps a fireplace. We always include a furniture layout which ensures you have the appropriate space, infrastructure requirements, and a functional design. On a recent project with a more traditional style design, we used a very durable outdoor Restoration Hardware furniture set.  We knew it would withstand the wear and tear from the family’s teenagers.  Just as we would incorporate outdoor kitchens, outdoor living rooms, and dining patios into a backyard pool design, the indoor pool surroundings require consideration as well.


A unique aspect of indoor pool design is the means of letting some of the outdoors into the home. Sunlight and the open air prevent the pool from feeling restricted within the walls of the home while engaging the property and landscape with the indoor pool area. Our landscape architect William Moore recommends folding glass systems such as NanaWall or LaCantina Doors can allow the open air into the pool while extending the space outdoors during warmer seasons. This major transformation is practical and can fit any style property or design of the house.


It is important to be careful with the surface you pick for flooring for practical needs, and safety. Slippery surfaces can be somewhat dangerous around the indoor pool design, particularly if you have children or teenagers. The Coefficient of friction (COF) standards is a specification set forth by the Tile Council of North American (TCNA) as guidelines for proper flooring ensuring safe, adherent materials are used.Based on our experience we recommend using a non glazed tile, or not going below  a .80 wet COF rating for around the swimming pool which is the rating similarly used for commercial applications. If the material you like comes with a .70 it could be a consideration but we always tend to be more conservative with safety. Including locks on the doors to the indoor pool to keep unsupervised children out of the swimming area is also a good safety precaution. The walls and doors of the indoor pool are like the fences and gates of an outdoor pool. Self-closing doors are just as important as self-latching gates.


Dehumidification is one of the most important infrastructure components when considering an indoor pool. Damage caused by excessive humidity from an indoor pool can jeopardize an entire home. Floors, walls, trim and cabinetry can all be compromised by excessive moisture. Proper dehumidification also prevents damaging mold and mildew. Desert Aire offers several energy efficient options to control humidity for indoor pool rooms.



Lastly, feel free to do something different and unique with the indoor pool design. Some spectacular indoor pool designs around the world include wild indoor-outdoor designs; an indoor pool in the living room, and perimeter overflow pool designs where water disappears into the floor tile. You can be as creative as you like with indoor pools! Simple lap pools in the house are not all that amazing anymore. The indoor pool designs can do something special to showcase true style. Be it lighting, materials, shape, murals on the wall or ceiling, or a floor that sinks into a pool, the design can include exciting features and amenities that make your home really special.