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Exciting trends in swimming pools  & outdoor living for 2014 by “2013 Best Design Winner “Cipriano Landscape Design. Luxury design and installation Co. in Northern NJYear round enjoyment

Style & Fun! Inground swimming pool design with Dolphin water slide & Riverflow swim & kayaking system. Northern NJ family loving their stylish vanishing edge pool.



  1. Fun

Luxury swimming pools have begun to find a balance between beauty and fun, comfort and excitement as new technologies and design ideas come to life in the pool industry. Some of our latest swimming pool designs have redefined luxury with waterfalls, grottos, infinity edges, and glass tile finishes, but they have also accommodated enhanced elements of fun and excitement. An underground waterslide emerged through the face of a massive rock formation. A movie projection screen was anchored across a luxurious infinity edge for unique Dive-In Movies. Super swim jet systems were included for the homeowner to kayak against the current in his pool. The examples are endless.  You don’t have to just gaze in awe at luxury pools anymore. You can jump in and enjoy the whole experience.




  1. Extended the usage of the outdoor living spaces

Fiber optic and colored LED swimming pool lights continue to gain popularity and acceptance in the swimming pool industry. In today’s world, homeowners want to make the most out of their investments and their time spent outdoors. With fiber optic and LED pool lights, swimming pools double in safety, style, and functionality. Lighting around the pool and patio creates a safer, more practical back yard. Far from the scattered walkway lights of the past, fiber optic and LED lights can gently illuminate the entire outdoor living space. Color options give the scene added brilliance and a ton of style. But most of all, by adding fiber optic and LED lights, the pool becomes a destination after sundown rather than an afterthought.  Pool lights create the ultimate 24-hour swimming pool experience in addition to adding style and safety.


  1. Enhanced pool finishes

Unique, Long-lasting, great-looking finishes are becoming more popular in the residential pool and spa industry. Glass tile pools, glass tile mosaic designs and accents, textured pebble and bead finishes, and long-lasting, smooth aggregate plaster have all stayed very popular over the past year or two and will continue to do so. Glass tile is one of the longest rated finishes that pays for its larger upfront cost with durability and showmanship. Pebble and bead finishes last 20+ years and have a unique rugged feel that some homeowners simply love. At the very least, aggregate plaster like Hydrazzo offers a smooth feel and a beautiful show of color and lasts 15 to 20 years as well. Regardless of style, feel, or price range, homeowners continue to lean towards finishes that will stand the test of time, reducing costs for repairs while enhancing the look of the swimming pool.


See more swimming pool and outdoor living trends in Part 2 of our “Top Design Trends for 2014, next Monday March 10th.

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