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Outdoor exercise pools with aquatic treadmills offer a variety of fun swimming activities & exercise. –Cipriano, 2013 Top 50 Pool Builder of Bergen County NJ


Think about all of the health benefits that come with your swimming pool investment when you consider how you will get the most out of it. Swimming pools aren’t only for relaxing and cooling off in the summer heat, but they also can be part of your weekly routine for staying healthy. The health benefits of aquatic workouts are widely known and talked about by experts, as they cause little to not strain on your joints and bones, which can come from walking or jogging while offering terrific aerobic benefits. There are products out there right now that are able to make the most of your swimming pool, large or small by creating currents that you can swim and even kayak against. The speed of the current is adjustable to safely meet any swimmers skill level.

Two pool products   at the forefront of these current creating systems are the Riverflow, produced by Current System Inc. and the Badu Swimjet System from Speck Pumps.  Riverflow can push a very wide current, up to 2000 gallons per minute and is rated for professional swimmers. The pump can be located up to 60 feet away from the swimming pool and is nearly silent, producing less noise than a standard pool filtration system. The Riverflow boasts a variable frequency drive (VFD) producing varying current speeds which can be programmed to create any type of workout you desire.

The Badu SwimJet System works in a similar manner as the Riverflow System except it can push a more narrow current, in excess of 500 gallons per minute. The Badu can be installed in any size pool and also comes with an adjustable current speed. Badu also promotes optional adjustable hoses that can be attached to the system to provide a pleasing hand held muscle massage.

Essentially, these systems create aquatic treadmills that can be turned down to safely walk against the current, or speed up for casual or intense swimming. Children love the Riverflow system for some fun boogie boarding in the pool, and if you really want to turn it up, you can even kayak against the current.   We’ve installed both systems and have found them both to be very functional and easy to use.  If you’re designing a smaller pool, we’ve installed the Badu system in pools as small as 9-8′ width by 14′ Length. If you want to get more out of your swimming pool and promote health and enjoyment for you and your family, one of these systems would be a wonderful addition to your swimming pool. Don’t delay on improving the enjoyment and increased health benefits you can get from your pool!

For more information aquatic treadmills please email us or call the office 201-785-0800