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2014 trends in outdoor living & pools, Maximizing Space, Wireless Controls & Energy Efficiency. By “2013 Best Design Winner“. Cipriano Landscape Design. Northern NJ

Expanding the Use of Space

Make the most out of any backyard! Any property, big or small, can maximize its given space. Efficient design strategy is becoming more and more of a necessity in recent years. Instead of just going big with a pool design, homeowners are more conscious of how they use their space. Depending on the homeowner’s lifestyle, landscape architects will include or exclude certain elements. They will properly size pools and patios. They will stay within development regulations and still provide everything the homeowner wants and needs. Today, many homeowners would like to leave grass areas for kids to play, have patios to entertain, outdoor kitchens to cook, and a swimming pool to enjoy. Fortunately, this trend leads to the most functional outdoor living space designs!

Accessibility and convenience

Advanced pool controls now allow homeowners to control their pool’s pumps, pool and spa heaters, pool and landscape lights, and much more from the convenience of their couch, car, pool float, etc. Remote pool controls are extremely convenient and remote pool controls hooked up to a wireless interface are even more convenient. Pool controls connected to a wireless interface can be controlled via a free iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch app from anywhere in the world. You can set the temperature of your spa on your car ride home from work. You can turn on the pool lights from the comfort of your outdoor living room or you can even check video surveillance of the pool area from all the way across the globe.


Cutting energy costs

Rising energy costs have elevated the discussion and concern about energy efficiency over the past couple of years. Hybrid cars have made a run in the market, and swimming pools are no different. Today, homeowners are willing to pay more upfront for energy efficient equipment and savings down the road. Variable speed pumps, electric heat pumps, and solar swimming pool systems are just a few efficient options trending right now. These systems cost more initially, but pay for themselves through cost savings in a relatively short amount of time.


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