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Looking for functional pool trends In 2014? “2013 Best Design & Installation Winner “ Cipriano Landscape Design of Northern NJ shares a few!

Year round enjoyment

Here in New Jersey, homeowners and prospective pool owners are sometimes disappointed that they can’t swim all year round because of the cold, winter weather. Instead of moving South, many homeowners are now opting for four-season spas. Four-season spas are plumbed separately from the swimming pool so they can still be used in the winter months when the pool is shut down. When the snow begins to fall in New Jersey, imagine sitting comfortably outside in a warm spa surrounded by a winter wonderland.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance pools and landscapes are definitely a hot trend for 2014. No one wants to spend all their time taking care of their pool; everyone would like a pool that will, for the most part, take care of itself without any trouble. In-floor cleaning systems, new pool sanitization systems, automated pool controls, and automatic pool covers each contribute to making the dream of a low maintenance pool a reality. In-floor cleaning systems and new robotic cleaners reduce brushing and skimming of the pool. New pool sanitizers provide alternatives to chlorine. Advanced pool controls allow pumps to run more efficiently and be turned on and off from around the world. Finally, automatic pool covers keep debris out of the pool and pool chemicals in the pool.

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