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Include these exciting kid-friendly features into your next swimming pool design or renovation to engage your Children. Cipriano Landscape Design- NJ

If you’re thinking about installing a swimming pool in your backyard and want to delight and engage your kids, think about all of the exciting waterpark-like features you can include in the design. Custom swimming pools being built these days provide a wide array of features and options for aquatic entertainment. Many of these, while geared towards children, still provide benefits to adults who want to find their inner child, lounge, or just relax.


Sun shelves are shallow areas of the pool that are ideal for teaching toddlers and young children how to swim and play safely in the water. They are often outfitted with fountains and jets to make them more engaging for the children. Sun shelves provide a safe place where adults can sit and keep a very close watch on their young children, while still enjoying the water and the company of friends and family. When the little ones aren’t around, the sun shelf is a perfect area for adults and teens to lie down and relax in the shallow water.


Dive rocks have been replacing diving boards since they don’t provide any extra jumping height, and are generally considered safer. Kids prefer the idea of jumping off of a large boulder into the pool because it lets their imagination run wild and they can pretend to be anywhere. Dive rocks fit in beautifully with the surroundings of the pool in natural landscape designs.


Waterfalls are a wonderful feature enjoyed by people of all ages due to their beauty and wonder. Kids love swimming and sitting under the falling water whenever they are in the pool, and adults like to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds at the end of the day.  When properly designed, waterfalls provide the additional option of safely jumping off the waterfall into deep water. Combine that with a jump rock and your kids can enjoy the excitement of cliff jumping right in your own back yard. Waterfalls that are large enough make a terrific spot for teenagers to lie down in the sun and get a tan while the water keeps them cool.


Grottos can be combined with waterfalls to heighten your kids’ imaginations and wonder with the swimming pool. Your kids will love swimming under the waterfall into the secret area of the grotto to hang out for hours on end. When the children aren’t around, adults can also use the grottos for a more private spot to relax.


Fountains are generally more formal than waterfalls, but can be installed in several different ways and can be just as exciting for children. Wall fountains that pour into the pool from the side or overhead can be enjoyed by children who love to play around the falling water. Fountains can shoot upwards in shallow areas of the pool, like a sun shelf or beach entry, letting kids jump around and play safely in these areas of the pool. They can even be installed into the floor of the patio as a deck jet fountain, in which case water will shoot from outside the pool into the interior. All of these options can be combined with fiber optic lighting to create even more exciting and amazing effects for your children.


One last feature to mention here is a slide. Custom slides can be built up to 50 feet long, and you would be surprised how much fun and use adults get out of them too! They provide endless hours of enjoyment as your children and friends continuously run up to the top for another ride down. Many homeowners are hesitant to install a slide since they often stick out in a swimming pool design. However, with an experienced designer and contractor slides can be hidden neatly behind waterfalls or even among plantings which only adds more excitement to using the slide.


There are plenty of options for swimming pool features that kids love to enjoy. It can be difficult these days to get your children playing outside and enjoying the beautiful weather with all of today’s video game, television and cell phone technologies. A wonderful swimming pool entices them to do just that, while keeping them under the safety of your watchful eye. All of these features can be built safely and seamlessly into a coherent swimming pool and landscape design when you are working with the right contractor which will provide your family years of enjoyment.