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Sit In Pool has a new solution to the uncomfortable swimming pool raft. We tried out the floating chair and it was awesome! Cipriano Landscape Design-Northern NJ


If you are looking for a new product to replace all the fragile and uncomfortable inflatable pool floats…look no further! Sit In Pool is a French company that has created floatable cushioned chairs and bags that are completely water safe. They are incredibly stable on the water and feel essentially like sitting on a floating sofa. You can lay out and enjoy the sun, take a nice nap or do some comfortable reading without having to worry about the instability of inflatable pool chairs. The product is made of a washer-safe polyester removable cover and is filled with a smart patented cushion.  The chairs are offered in a wide variety of colors and can be used outside of the pool as well. Simply wash the removable cover and the sitinbags can be used on the beach or even inside your home. For those looking for a more versatile, stable and comfortable swimming pool chair this is the product for you.

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