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POOL RENOVATIONS- 2013 Top 50 Pool Builder suggests glass tile in your next swimming pool renovation. Cirpiano Landscape Design- Bergen County, Northern NJ

If you have a swimming pool that is in need of a renovation and want to really enhance the overall look and elegance of the pool, think about a glass tile upgrade. Glass tile is the most luxurious finish for swimming pools and can come in a wide range of colors and blends, including custom ones. The tile also comes in several different sizes and so with all of the variety and combinations, virtually anything you can think of is possible.

The standard tile size is 6×6 inches and usually found in a band around the swimming pool waterline. Other smaller formatted tiles include 3×3 or 2×2. One of the reasons why glass tile is being used a lot right now is because of its incredible versatility. With smaller tiles you can easily round corners creating wonderfully smooth finishes that can fit any style of pool design, whether it has sharp angles or free form curves.

Glass tile is being used to create beautiful mosaics in the floors and walls of pools. With all of the combinations possible, you can replicate a beautiful image, or create a unique design right in your swimming pool floor.  The tile can also be used as the finish for a sunshelf, raised spa, waterwall, or even the entire pool. We have used it in all of these applications and find that the homeowners always love the results. They are drawn to the glass tile because of the beautiful way it shimmers under the water when hit by sunlight. Fiber optic and LED colored light creates awesome effects when bounced off of glass tile as well. It’s now even possible to weave fiber optic lighting in between a glass tile finish to create some really interesting designs.

Although glass tile is a fantastic finish it usually comes with a higher price tag and longer build time because of the very high level of expertise need to install it correctly. An inexperienced contractor trying to use glass tile may end up causing a big headache for you down the line. If you are thinking about using glass tile for your swimming pool renovation please make sure to go look at other glass tile renovations the contractor has completed in the past.