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Top 50 Pool Builder, Chris Cipriano explains how to incorporate a water wall into your inground pool design. Cipriano Landscape Design- Bergen County, Northern NJ

Are you looking for an interesting feature with height to add to your swimming pool, but maybe don’t want the natural look of a waterfall? Think about incorporating a water wall, which will still add the sights and sounds of falling water in a much different style. There are different reasons why you would use a water wall as well as different ways to incorporate some interesting features into them.

There are two main reasons functionally that you would install a water wall. The first is if you have a slope on the property and you are building your pool into that slope. Water walls are a wonderful way to take the idea of a retaining wall and turn it into a beautiful piece of art that adorns your pool. If built correctly they will still be strong enough to hold back the earth behind them, while providing the aesthetically pleasing display of falling water in front.

The second main reason is for privacy. In this case you would have a freestanding wall, most likely near the edge of your property, which would block the view from your neighbors property into your yard. The freestanding wall would not require as much strength as the retaining wall but still requires experience to build properly in conjunction with the pool. It’s important to check key viewpoints when building this type of water wall to make sure it is actually doing its job by turning unpleasant views into fantastic ones.

Aesthetically, water walls can be finished with different materials. You can use concrete techniques and precast fountains to create an old world look, or use the most elegant finish out there and cover it with glass tile for a truly incredible sight. There are few things that look better than falling water over shimmering glass tile, which is why homeowners desire them so much. Fiber optic lighting can also be hidden below or above the water wall to add amazing colors and lighting effects to the wall and its features. When using glass tile the style of the water wall fits very well in a modern design because of its sleek look and clean finish.

If you need help envisioning a water wall on your swimming pool, or aren’t entirely sure where the best location for one may be, feel free to call our office or email me, / 201-785-0800