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Cipriano Landscape Design Provides Some Helpful Information On Staying Within Your Budget When Building A Swimming Pool – Bergen County, NJ

Are you in the market for a swimming pool? Having the right knowledge while entering the design phase can save you an enormous amount of time, energy and money! We’ve put together some helpful tips in this article in order to help you achieve the pool of your dreams while staying within your budget.

The easiest way to blow your budget is start with a poor set of plans. If you’ve done any type of renovation, you know a poor set of plans will add 30% to your project! A free sketch or cheap plan can’t account for important infrastructure elements such as masonry steps, walls and patios, or mandatory drainage requirements based on proposed impervious coverage. Soft cost must also be properly planned; people often overlook planting, fencing and lighting costs. All of these costs can push a project well beyond an anticipated budget. A well-prepared plan takes a considerable amount of time and expertise to prepare but ends up saving tens of thousands of dollars!

Location, location, location! Where you build your pool can add to the value of your home as well as lower construction cost. Building a pool in the wrong place will not only be an eyesore, but also can force you to oversize infrastructure elements and waste valuable space in your backyard. Careful planning and the right team can help you pick out the perfect spot for your pool.

Size and materials are key factors when building a pool on a budget. If you don’t need an Olympic-sized pool in your backyard but really want a luxurious, exotic getaway, spending your money on upgraded finishes is much better than a oversized pool that may be out of scale with your home. A properly proportioned swimming pool will look absolutely amazing when the right materials are used!

The larger the pool, the larger the piping, pumps, and filters. These costs start to add up in no time so keep in mind what your true intentions of a pool are and what your budget will allow for. Keeping these figures in mind while planning your build will help you make educated decisions and start to make some later decisions a bit easier. If a larger pool is the way to go for your family, once the numbers start coming together you may want to start considering more cost-effective options for around the pool to offset the price but still deliver what you want.

Explore your finishes such as tile, plaster and stone during the planning process. Finishing choices can easily strain budgets so it’s important to examine your options early on in the design stage.

We strongly recommend doing some serious research and consulting with a professional before deciding the design and materials when installing a pool on your property so you fully understand your options and if your budget is realistic.

For more information on how to get the best design for your budget, please contact our office at or call 201-785-0800!