Landscape Architect:

Bill Moore NJ Licensed NJ Landscape Architect

Infield Designer:

Chris Cipriano

Masonry Construction:

Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping.

Work Performed:

Tropical Pool & Waterfall Design/Construction, Landscape Design/Construction, Masonry


On this project, the homeowners reached out to us in hopes that we could create a resort-like destination for them right in their own back yard. The idea was to construct a backyard oasis that featured every possible amenity for outdoor living. While this is not an unusual request, we knew the freedom in this back yard would allow us to reach a brand new level of design and craftsmanship.

Tropical Swimming Pool and Spa Combination with Custom Features:

  • 22-Ton boulder waterfall
  • Sun mosaic on the swimming pool floor
  • Colored LED Lighting in pool

Luxury Backyard Landscape and Custom Stone Masonry Features:

  • Custom Grill
  • Cabana with full kitchen and 70-inch waterproof flatscreen TV
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Fire-pit
  • Immense planting for a secluded feel in a crowded neighborhood
  • Night lighting
  • Tiki Torches

The backyard oasis features a 900 square foot free-form inground swimming pool, highlighted by a 22-Ton boulder waterfall. The boulder was hand-picked from a quarry in the Susquehanna Valley; when we found it, it was still sitting in the mountain, so we had it cut out. The 44,000-pound sandstone boulder then required ten men and a 150-foot crane to set it on the edge of the swimming pool. The waterfall not only provides the homeowners with fine aesthetics, but its size also allows it to double as a tanning bed on a clear day. Inside the swimming pool, a detailed sun mosaic gives character and uniqueness to the pool; LED lighting in the pool allows the sun (mosaic) to shine all night long.

While this tropical swimming pool serves as the centerpiece for the backyard, a number of other attractions constructed by our masons bring the entire back yard to the level of luxury our homeowners desired. Overlooking the back yard, a large stone clock tower, mimicking a clock tower seen on a golf course in Ireland, can be found above the outdoor fireplace. The outdoor fireplace includes granite stone and copper which compliments details on the house and cabana.

In this resort-like destination, one can find very little need to ever go inside. The backyard’s cabana, fit with stonework that matches the house, is complete with a full kitchen, bathroom, bar area, and a 70-inch waterproof flatscreen TV that is big enough to watch from the swimming pool, patio, bar, or anywhere else in the back yard. The unique outdoor entertainment area also features a grill customized by our masons. The detailed masonry of the grill features stone that matches the base of the cabana and the fireplace, tying everything together for that backyard resort feel.

The tropical backyard also includes fiery tiki torches and sit by the fire-pit for light and warmth. Set off to a far corner, surrounded by a voluminous landscape of varying plants, the fire-pit serves as its own little campground where family and friends can retreat from all the other outdoor luxuries if they so please.

In the end, while the pool and boulder waterfall serve as the centerpiece for this project, the masonry really brings the detailed craftsmanship and distinctiveness that allows this backyard resort to truly show off. The outdoor fireplace, custom grill, and cabana function as an outdoor extension of the home itself in style and comfort. The homeowners could not have been happier with the finished product, and we were equally happy to bring their vision of a backyard oasis to life.