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Extreme Swimming Pool & Landscape Renovations – Featuring Saddle River, Alpine & Englewood NJ. Construction Projects. Inground Pools, Waterfalls & Landscaping

Over the years, we have been lucky enough to design and build some extraordinary landscaping and inground swimming pool projects. In the process of completing these projects, we have encountered some interesting challenges. Whether through sheer magnitude or by other unique circumstances, our team continues to push the envelope and prove that, by any means necessary, we will design and build the pool and landscape of your dreams. How do we overcome so many challenges? Besides an exceptional landscape architecture team, we sometimes call on the use of cool, extreme construction equipment! Let’s take a look at some of the unique tools we have used to build luxury swimming pools and landscapes over the past few years.



For this Mahwah, NJ pool renovation, we brought in a rock hammer to handle the exposed ledge rock discovered beneath the old inground swimming pool. The massive machine fit just perfectly through the bridge to enter the development and made this pool possible. The machine fell just under the maximum weight of the bridge as well.  As you can see in the image, the rock hammer breaks up the ledge rock as the Cipriano excavator digs away.


Under special circumstances when the cement truck cannot get close enough to the space, a cement boom must be utilized. As you can see, the cement boom pumped cement up and over the house to provide the foundation for this natural stone patio in Upper Saddle River, NJ! These cranes are ideal for backyard landscape renovations when there is no access road and you can’t drive a truck into the finished back yard.


On this 4-acre property, we installed over 200 trees, some up to 18” in caliper. For some of the largest trees, like this Red Oak tree, we used a crane to lift them into their appropriate place in the landscape design. When transplanting trees, it is always important to be very careful no matter what the size; as large and mature as the tree may be, tree moving is an extremely delicate task.



We use cranes for special waterfall installations as well. For this inground swimming pool in Allendale, NJ, we used a 150-ton crane to set the waterfall stone. The luxury waterfall became the focal point of the luxury backyard escape, but not without some special equipment to make it happen.



Placement of the 22-ton waterfall stone took about 10 men and about an hour to complete. The 44,000-pound rock is 17 feet wide, 4 feet thick and 7 feet deep! Without the use of some special tools like this giant crane, the inground swimming pool would probably lack its most distinguishing feature.


Front End Loader

On this landscape project in Alpine, NJ, a 10-inch caliper Beech Tree was unloaded from the trailer by one of our front end loaders and set in place.


Front End Loader and Crane

During this landscaping project in Englewood, NJ, we installed a European Hornbeam that was 20” in caliper. The tree was so large that it took a 744 John Deere front end loader with 35,000 -pound lift capacity and a 220-ton crane in order to set the tree in place.

Sometimes pool and landscape construction calls for more than just a great design and a proven construction process. Unique challenges and groundbreaking projects may require special tools and innovative construction techniques to get the job done in an efficient manner. If you have a challenging space or project, please feel free to call us. As you can see from these images, we know what it takes to complete challenging projects, even if it requires a little help from some enormous tools and machines.