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Have a walkout basement? Make the most of your backyard patio landscaping design and turn your walkout basement into a luxury outdoor living room.  Wyckoff NJ

A small Wyckoff yard with a walkout basement and a deck layout lends itself beautifully to a luxury outdoor room. Picture this. From the basement, you can step out onto a comfortable new patio beneath the shelter of the deck above. An outdoor kitchen would be tucked neatly beside the door to the basement. There would be a nice transition from the basement to the outdoor living room to the outdoor kitchen, which might offer some versatility for grilling, dining-in, or enjoying a nice outdoor meal in the shade beneath the deck.  For added comfort, ceiling fans could be added to the bottom of the deck as a functional and aesthetic enhancement.

This is just one of many possible luxury outdoor living room designs to include outside your walkout basement. While the overhead structure of a deck adds unique comfort and character to the patio space, there are some other features you may want to include in the luxury outdoor living room. As mentioned earlier, a ceiling fan beneath the overhang can make the living room more relaxing. If you’re just looking for style, consider a chandelier to decorate the outdoor living room with an overhang. Another option for the walkout basement itself would be folding glass doors. These doors combine the outdoors and the indoors for complete integration in structure and lifestyle. The option is especially beneficial for basements with a beautiful view.

The key to incorporating a walkout basement into your innovative landscaping ideas is keeping an open mind and transitioning from the outdoor space to the indoor space. Folding glass doors, natural stone patios, nearby outdoor kitchens, comfortable patio furniture, overhead structures, and unique features ease the transition from indoors to out by providing comfort equal to that of inside the home. The overhang provides an extra ceiling, a chandelier offers light, a fan brings cool air, and folding glass doors combine inside and out, visually and functionally. You can even watch the basement TV from outside. Outdoor furniture can be as comfortable as inside the basement. The list goes on.

Here are some tips to make all of these ideas work. You may include a gutter system beneath an upper deck to collect rainwater; the drainage system can then be concealed with a ceiling below made from an Azek product. When dealing with a ceiling, it is important that you remember to design the space below with enough headroom for you and your guests, especially if you want to add a ceiling fan or chandelier.  This may require adding a step or two out of the basement. Lastly, to increase functionality and make the most out of your space, you can try bar seating along the exterior wall of the house, near the dining area. Bar seating instantly doubles or triples the amount of people you can comfortably serve.

If you have any questions about how to turn your Wyckoff, NJ walkout basement into a luxury outdoor living room, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our landscape architecture firm has creative ideas and experience with these types of rewarding architectural challenges.