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Bergen County-NJ 2013 “Top 50 Pool Builder” explains the design & installation differences, benefits, & drawbacks of gunite and vinyl liner inground swimming pools.

Gunite Vs. Vinyl Liner Inground Swimming Pools Bergen County NJ

Bergen County-NJ 2013 “Top 50 Pool Builder” explains the design & installation differences, benefits, & drawbacks of gunite and vinyl liner inground swimming pools.

Gunite is a specialized mixture of water, sand, and cement, which is often utilized by contemporary pool builders. It is an extremely durable and stable material that when properly installed will ensure the longevity and overall quality of your pool.  Gunite pools are also adept at forming and adhering to complex pool designs, and give the landscape architect and design team a lot more leeway when it comes to implementing your pool with all of the details that you, the homeowner, would like to see incorporated.  Regardless of what size or shape you want your pool to be, gunite can be designed to any shape or size that you could possibly imagine.

One of the best features of a gunite pool is the ability to customize the pool’s finish to satisfy your specific preferences. There are numerous high-end finishes available on today’s market to enhance your pool design. Polished plasters, like Hydrazzo are very popular, and there are also pebble and glass bead plasters such as Pebble Tec or Jewelscapes which are extremely beautiful.  For individuals who desire the highest levels of luxury, we recommend glass tile as the ultimate way to finish your gunite pool.

The advantages of building swimming pools with large waterfalls in gunite are also quite evident, because when the shell of the waterfall is installed in one monolithic pour with the swimming pool, not only do you have a stronger foundation for the waterfall, but you also have leak proof vessel.

If you’re interested in complex swimming pool and spa features such as a perimeter overflow or a vanishing edge swimming pool, these intricate designs are unsurpassed when installed in gunite due to gunite’s design and structural superiority. If you’re interested in fiber optic star lights or acrylic panels in your swimming pool, then gunite is your only option.

Gunite pools cost more money up front than vinyl . but it is worth it to consider that they are significantly more resilient than vinyl lined pools, and their durability and return on investment offset the amount of money required to acquire them.

Inground vinyl liner inground pools are also an extremely popular choice, which many families have enjoyed for years. Vinyl liner refers only to the interior surface of the pool, as colorized chlorinated PVC thermoplastic vinyl may be used as the waterproofing membrane.

TheAdvantages of vinyl-lined pools include:

Although they are less expensive than gunite pools, vinyl lined pools still provide a finish that can remain watertight for decades. Vinyl liner’s are soft and non porous, which make them feel rather soft, and easy on the feet.

It is easier to control algae and PH levels in a vinyl lined pool, and vinyl pools tend to require less chemicals than do gunite pools, which keeps the weekly maintenance costs lower.

There is a wide assortment of decorative and vibrant vinyl options to choose for your pool, so you can choose the one that you feel really “fits” you and your family.

Disadvantages of vinyl-lined pool include:

You are severely limited as far as your pool finishes are concerned, as vinyl lined pools are not very compliant in nature. Custom beach entries, benches, steps, and sun shelves can be more difficult to incorporate in vinyl pools and depending on the vinyl manufacturer those features may be finished in a different color than the rest of the pool, which is not aesthetically desirable.

Vinyl liners finishes are not nearly as long lasting as gunite pools, and colors tend to fade due to bleaching.

Simply put, vinyl pools are not as luxurious  as gunite pools are. If luxury is what you are seeking, you might want to re-consider getting a vinyl lined pool. The return on investment on vinyl liner pools is also much lower than gunite pools.

Overall, the type of pool you want should reflect your options at the time, both monetarily and emotionally. There are also other types of pool materials not discussed here, but we just wanted to help inform you about two specific, and popular pool building materials. If you have questions about gunite or vinyl  pools or need additional information, please Email or call our landscape architecture office and ask for Bill Moore, at 201-785-0800.