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Bergen County, NJ—2013 “Top 50 Pool Builder” Explores the Pros and Cons of Wet-Laid and Dry-Laid Outdoor Patio Designs: Maintenance, Durability, Cost, and Installation

Natural stone pool patios offer a luxury look that can last a lifetime, but did you know that besides pattern, material, and design, you have one underlying option for the construction of your patio? Natural stone patios can be constructed in two ways: dry-laid or wet-laid. The two options offer a couple of different advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to be aware of them before you have a mason contractor install the stone.

Let’s take a look at the two pool patio installation options most commonly specified by landscape architecture firms.


Dry-laid patios, without getting into every detail of the construction process, are laid “dry” on top of a bed compacted quarry process and sand. The stones are laid and sand fills the joints. These natural stone patios are much easier to install for the do-it-yourself type homeowner. They also provide a cheaper option based on the materials and the reduced labor. Unfortunately, these patios can be susceptible to heaving because the sand foundation can be altered over time by issues such as freezing and thawing cycles as well as severe rain events.


Wet-laid natural stone has a more permanent and involved installation process that can bring a higher price tag to the swimming pool patio. Wet-laid stone patios are set on engineered concrete slabs that provide a strong, permanent base for the stone. Instead of sand, mortar fills the joints for another, more permanent patio structure. This type of patio installation reduces maintenance, eliminating the need to ever level out the sand foundation and greatly reducing the chance of weeds popping up along the patio joints.


Deciding which patio installation is right for you all depends on your preferences. We install wet-laid patios that last a lifetime and depending on the stone, require little or no maintenance. Experienced contractors who are confident in their wet-laid patio installation process will make the most out of your natural stone pool patio investment. For swimming pool patios, the natural stone patio options provide a safe, permanent, and structurally sound surface for the swimming pool area.


If you have any questions about swimming pools patios, or the best stones to use for the pool patio, follow the links to a few of our old blogs, or feel free to contact us. Our experience in the swimming pool and masonry field gives us unique insight into the specifics of swimming pool patio design and installation.