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Moving the piles of snow in your driveway will prevent snow and flooding damage

With the snowstorm upon us, it’s a great time to call in your contractor and get on his snow removal/machine service schedule, and maybe not for the reason you’re thinking. After a stormy winter and with warmer temperatures coming, it’s time to start thinking about the well being of your property. You need to first move some of the existing snow on your property to make room and allow for the clearing of incoming snow off your driveway. It is important to stack the snow properly for two reasons:  first, is simply to make room for the new snow that will inevitably fall throughout the rest of the winter; second, is to allow for snow to melt and drain properly, and prevent flooding on your property.


An experienced contractor who has worked through many winters before will know the best location to stack snow. They will also be able to provide the necessary machinery needed to move the heavy frozen snow. Don’t wait for the next snowstorm to call in your contractor because it may be too late by then. Moving the snow earlier will only expedite the process of snow melting and get you back to enjoying your beautiful property as soon as possible.