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Modern Landscape Designs Help Make the Most Out of Small Backyards



Do you have a small backyard? Are you having trouble finding a way to adapt that small back yard into the landscape design you have always wanted for yourself? I understand you may feel limited as a result of space, and it may call for some sacrifices in terms of certain backyard amenities. Fortunately, one landscape design style really excels in small yards! In this blog, I will take a quick look at how modern landscape design lends itself beautifully to small backyard landscaping ideas.


Most modern landscape architecture shares a few distinctive characteristics. I will not get too deep into all the aspects of modern architecture, but some overall ideas include simplicity, the close relationship between form and function, the importance of structure, straight lines, geometric shapes, and raw, industrial materials. A modern landscape design, as a result, is typically organized, lacking extravagant details, and presented in a very clean fashion. As you can imagine, all of these modern characteristics lend themselves nicely to small backyard landscapes.


Here are some modern landscaping ideas for small yards, inspired primarily by a recent project we completed in Upper Saddle River, NJ. To preserve the sleek modern look, keep it simple. Modern architecture does not call for very much detail so materials like smooth glass tile make for a good choice. For inground pools and spas, remember to use straight lines and geometric shapes. Clean structures can be enhanced with the flawless line of a vanishing edge or perimeter overflow feature. A linear modern fireplace or fire pit with simple materials could be a nice touch for a modern landscape design; this may be an opportunity to include some of the industrial materials often found in modern architecture. For patios, consider natural stone set in regular, geometric patterns, or geometric pavers set in the grass. In terms of plantings, try to choose visually interesting plants with unique shapes and growth habits. Boxwood hedges, when organized properly, can be very effective modern landscaping materials.


The modern landscape design can really transform a small yard into a work of art. Through simplicity and unique style, the small space can become very intriguing with special materials. The chic style can be founded upon the intended purpose for the space, producing innovative ideas that make up for any lack of size. If you have any questions about how to achieve a successful modern landscape design in your small yard, as always, feel free to give us a call. We will always have some exciting ideas to share with you.


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