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Tropical landscape designs inspire the backyard getaway with waterfalls, fire features, lush foliage and vibrant flowers. Cipriano Landscape Design-Northern NJ


A tropical island vacation may seem like a distant dream, and with busy lifestyles and kids’ sports schedules, the chances of it happening again anytime soon may seem slim. But what if you could still spend the next 15-20 years enjoying the atmosphere of a gorgeous tropical oasis right in your backyard? Tropical pool and landscape design can make up for lost vacation time. Backyard vacation destinations with tropical landscaping offer a convenient solution for all homeowners, even those with hectic schedules. Families can enjoy a tropical vacation in their backyard pool and landscape design without scheduling conflicts, money for flights and hotels, and the trouble of packing. Here are some tips for creating the ultimate backyard vacation destination with tropical landscaping.


First, consider tropical plants for your landscape design. Depending on your location you can choose the tropical plants that will survive in your hardiness zone, at least for summer. You can greenhouse your tropicals through the winter months or utilize them as annuals and discard them each fall if you live in cooler climates. Next, as you evaluate your list of tropical plants take into account the characteristics of each. Knowing the qualities of tropical plants will be helpful (especially in a very non-tropical region) as you properly plan your landscape with your desired shapes, colors and textures. Tropical plants generally feature big, broad leaves like palms. The landscape features lush, bright green foliage and extremely bright-colored flowers. Palm trees, bamboo, birds of paradise, and begonias each establish a tropical feel. We use several varieties of canna and banana plants that are very popular with our clients.  Everything from evergreens to tropical flowers can also be used in the design. Bamboo, both young and mature which we grow on our farm not only enhances the theme, but also provides great screening for the backyard.  Free form pools with waterfalls can enhance the tropical setting in addition to plants such as these. A beach entry for the pool is a nice touch to complete your tropical resort atmosphere.


Other unique touches such as tiki torches, hammocks or a pavilion enhance the backyard oasis. Pavilions provide some shade in the hot summer sun; they also have a unique, resort-like feel to them as you pass through the structure into a full outdoor kitchen, dining area, or a massive swimming pool with comfortable lounge chairs and waterfalls. The hammock fosters relaxation in tropical beach style. Lastly, tiki torches will finish off the landscape design with some style, light, and warmth that makes you feel like you are in Hawaii or some other island destination. If tiki torches aren’t enough, fire pits and fire tables are a popular addition for warmth, light and ambiance.


A well rounded tropical landscape design necessitates the right plants, a natural water feature, a fire feature, and some spacious areas to achieve resort-like relaxation and entertainment. This balance between luxury amenities and a natural pool and landscape design represents the tropical resort vacation perfectly. Some palms and colorful flowers do not make a tropical landscape. The ultimate tropical landscape not only mimics the island scenery but also evokes the comfort and relaxation of a vacation.