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Designing and installing permeable paver driveways have economical, environmental & site improvement benefits– Cipriano Landscape Design, Bergen County-Northern NJ

Too often people assume that you need to sacrifice style for more eco-friendly products. On a residential property your impervious surfaces, home, pool, walkways, patios and driveways, typically negatively impact the environment by increasing storm water runoff. If you want to decrease your impervious footprint, permeable pavers are a great option for your hardscapes, especially driveways because they contribute to ground water recharge while reducing the necessity to deal with stormwater runoff on your property. Ground water recharge is the process where rainwater infiltrates the surface materials and soils into the ground water table. It is an incredibly important natural phenomenon that we as humans tend to neglect through paving and other urban and suburban developments. Permeable pavers allow water to infiltrate the ground quicker will contribute more to groundwater recharge and less to run off. By minimizing runoff you are also limiting the potential for water to accumulate on the surface of your property and reduce the risk of flooding in the area.

In the case where you are concerned about getting the most out of your property design, permeable pavers can still be of great use to you. Often, towns will give credits back on impervious surfaces for using permeable pavers. It can be up to as much as 50% in some municipalities. Incorporating permeable pavers into your driveway is where you will receive the most return on minimizing impervious surfaces. This will allow you to allocate more space for other components like a swimming pool and outdoor living spaces. By reducing the need to handle a greater volume of runoff you will also cut down on infrastructure like seepage pits on your property. This can save you a lot of money on underground storage tanks letting you use the money on more appealing parts of your design that you can interact with and see everyday.

Permeable pavers are typically factory made of concrete and now incorporate an interlocking system so they are easy to install and readily available. The versatility and ability to handle the weather fluctuations of the tri-state area make them a great option. For driveways, they are strong enough to handle the weight of a car while also being able to endure snow plowing which regularly occurs during the winter in this area. Because of the design of their interlocking system, the pavers are great at resisting the freeze/thaw cracking that is typical of other materials used in this area. Make sure you think about permeable pavers as an option when it comes time to redesign the hard surfaces on your property.
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