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How to incorporate glass tile into your swimming pool without breaking the bank. Cipriano Landscape Design- Northern, NJ

Glass tile is a highly desired finish because of its wonderful array of colors, reflective qualities and its elegant smooth surface. The material comes with a higher price tag and also costs more to install because of the incredibly high level of skill needed to do it correctly. Finishing an entire interior of a swimming pool with glass tile may not be feasible for every homeowner, but it doesn’t mean that every homeowner can’t enjoy glass tile in their swimming pool!

If you want the beauty of glass tile, but are limited by your budget, think about using it in key areas of your swimming pool. Glass tile around the waterline is a popular feature and is created by installing a strip of glass tile around the interior of the pool to create a beautiful transition from the pool plaster to the coping.

Another great option for a limited budget is to install glass tile in the interior of a spa or as the exterior for a raised overflow spa. With a raised overflow spa, the glass tile exterior would reflect sunlight and shimmer through the falling water creating a very beautiful water feature. Installing glass tile on a sun shelf is also a great option as well and creates an attractive focal point. Selectively placing the glass tile draws people’s attention to those features helping to make them more prominent in the swimming pool. This allows you to create exciting features in your swimming pool with glass tile without breaking your budget.