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If your looking to enhance your outdoor patio design, consider installing a custom stone inlay or border. Cipriano Landscape Design-Bergen County, Northern NJ


If you’re a homeowner looking for a way to personalize your landscape design and patio areas, we suggest thinking about installing a custom stone inlay. Most clients we work for choose natural stone for their outdoor patios because of its durability, versatility and best return on investment. One way to enhance a natural stone patio and truly customize it is with a stone inlay. Inlays are created out of the natural stone and require the proper tools and experience to build correctly. Installing a custom stone inlay is like adding a beautiful art piece or carpet to the floor of your patio area.


Inlays tend to work in many styles of designs and can be used in almost any application. They work really well in helping to define spaces with different functions like a dining area and pool patio. In the violin pool project we used a G Clef patio inlay around the pool itself to help define that area while enhancing the musical theme of the project. Inlays also work wonderfully for dining tables, around fireplaces or underneath cabanas. When installing an inlay in an outdoor living space or dinning area it is important to know what size the furniture is you will be using so you can scale the inlay appropriately.


Custom cut stone inlays add an extra level of difficulty into installing a patio, as it takes the proper equipment and skilled workers to pull it off flawlessly. The more cuts that are required to install a patio, the more difficult the job becomes. While creating custom curves and arcs out of stone increases the difficulty, it also increases the beauty of the patio area. If you desire a product that requires a high level of skill, make sure you seek out a contractor who has the equipment and skill to pull it off. Make sure to have them show you some of the custom inlays they have created in the past.