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Need some springtime landscaping ideas? Try our favorite spring flowering shrubs. Cipriano Landscape Design. Bergen County, Northern NJ

Miss Kim Lilac is a dense shrub that blooms later than normal lilacs, usually during May. It has beautiful flowers, has an intoxicating fragrance and attracts humming birds and butterflies. The MKL enjoys being in full sun, grows to be 4-9 feet tall with a similar spread and excels in zones 3-8. We use the Miss Kim Lilac mostly in natural masses but it can also be used in formal hedges.  What’s nice for homeowners is that it is low maintenance and is deer tolerant.



Snow Mound Spirea is a smaller shrub than the lilac growing to be about 2-4 feet with a similar spread as well. The plant also falls into the same 3-8 hardiness zone range. Spirea is a dense shrub that looks wonderful when planted in masses and blooms from May to June with white flowers. The flowers are known to attract butterflies and the plant is resistant to deer as well.


Korean Spice Viburnum is a shrub that grows to be 4-6 feet with a spread either equal or slightly larger. The plant is known for its showy white flowers that bloom from March to April and give off a wonderful fragrance. Viburnum enjoy full sun to part shade and do well in the 4-7 hardiness zones. It’s a slow growing plant that does well when planted in masses and attracts birds.