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Spa trends & design tips by 2013 Top 50 Pool Builder. Cipriano Landscape Design offers advice on how to design great outdoor spas-Bergen County Northern, NJ

Have you ever wondered what makes a great outdoor spa?  Functionality, aesthetics and location are all very important considerations.  How you want to use the spa is a big one as well. Many homeowners will ask for the spa to have its own heating and pumps so that it can be used year round even when the swimming pool is closed. Incorporating the latest trends in spa features will certainly make the most of any outdoor spa whether it’s a stand alone or attached to a swimming pool. Here are some design tips and the top 2014 spa trends to consider.

The first thing to consider when it comes to adding a spa is the location of it. Do you want the spa to be near or attached to a swimming pool or would you prefer to have it as a standalone feature? If you plan on using it all year round, location becomes very important so that you don’t have a long “run” during the colder months. In many designs the stand-alone spa becomes its own destination, while in other layouts it’s combined with a swimming pool. Usually the location is predicated on the type of use and cost factors.

The design of the spa can really be anything that you can think of but should fit in with the style or design of the rest of your backyard. You can blend it into the rest of the landscape so at a quick glance you don’t know it’s there; or on the contrary, you can raise it out of the ground and finish it with a custom veneer making it a focal point of the whole yard!

When it comes to features and ambiance there are a couple of important pieces to add. Lighting is very important as a lot of times homeowners use their spas at the end of the day during the night to relax. You want to incorporate lighting within the spa to make the steps and seating very visible for users. You also will want some lighting around the spa area to make walking safe but also to set the mood of the area.  For those who really want a great outdoor spa, a surround sound system is another great addition for spa enjoyment. This will allow you to enjoy your favorite music as you relax in your spa.

The most sought after custom spa trends for 2014 to consider for your spa:

Ÿ Colored LED Lighting – Spas are one of the most used water features after the sun goes down so proper lighting is imperative. Colored LED lights are installed into the walls of the spa and can create a beautiful array of color across the water. They can be programmed to change color which is useful for creating a certain feeling or mood while adding drama to the scene.

Ÿ King and Queen Seating – King and Queen seats are special seating areas that are custom built into the spa itself and molded to fit the particular bodies of the homeowners. Each seat is unique and is designed in a very relaxing position to ensure that you are always comfortable in your own luxury spa.

Ÿ Glass Tile – Glass tile is a beautiful finish for luxury spas as it looks wonderful, but also is a very smooth finish to sit on. Adorning the outside of a raised overflow spa with glass tile creates a beautiful piece of art in your landscape. With the proper skill glass tile can be worked into any spa design to increase its beauty and appeal.

Ÿ Fiber Optic Lights – Fiber optic lights add wonderful effects and accents to swimming pools and spas. When incorporated into a glass tile finish, amazing effects are created throughout the spa. Fiber optics are very versatile and can be used in many different applications from rope lighting around the perimeter to star lights in the floor and more!

Ÿ Vanishing Edge or Perimeter Overflow Features – Vanishing edge or perimeter overflow spas are built to exemplify the wonderful effects of water. Water spilling over the edge of the spa creates a beautiful image in the landscape while adding relaxing sounds. The clean look of a perimeter overflow or vanishing edge makes it an elegant addition to a luxury yard.

Ÿ Full Body Massage Therapy Jets – Full body massage jets are incorporated to enhance the experience you get from spending time in your spa. Most people want to use an outdoor spa to relax at the end of a long workday or on the weekends. Massage jets can be incorporated into bench seating or ideally king and queen chairs to make sure you are as comfortable as possible in your spa.

Ÿ Stone Accents and Finishes – Stone accents can be added to raised spas to give them a nice exterior finish. They go well in both natural and formal applications making them useful for any type of design. Stone veneers are a wonderful alternative to glass tile on the exterior if it fits into your style of design better.

Ÿ Waterfalls and Fountain Features – Waterfalls and fountain features are used to add exciting water features to the area while creating the pleasing sound of falling water. If the spa is at a higher elevation than the pool, a waterfall can be designed for water spilling out of the spa. Fountains can be used on the wall of a raised spa in a similar application. They can also be used with a wall behind the spa or deck jets to shoot water into the spa instead or out of it.

The last thing to think about is the views from the spa. What is around you that you can look at and enjoy? If you have a custom swimming pool, waterfalls or fountains are great for both the visual aspect as well as the sound of falling water. A well-lit statue or specimen tree can be another feature in your yard to enjoy while in the spa. If you think about the location of your spa, how it fits in with the rest of the yard, what materials you use ex. glass tile, the views both in and out of the spa, and then the ambiance features like lighting and music, you will ensure the design of a great, well-planned outdoor spa.

With a great design and enhancing the spa with some custom features you create a destination to enjoy for many years to come. Contact us for more information @ 201-785-0800 or email