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2013 Top 50 Pool Builder shares the options & costs of installing an outdoor kitchen. Cipriano Landscape Design- Bergen County Northern NJ

Have you thought about designing an outdoor kitchen on your property but are worried about if it’s worth your time and money? If so, we have some information for you! Inside a home, the kitchen is usually one of the most desired rooms when buying a house, and often the most likely to be renovated. Homeowners enjoy putting money into their kitchen because they can usually see a 70-80% return on their investment along with getting an upgraded space that will surely be used daily.

Some real estate experts are saying that building an outdoor kitchen can yield the same if not more of a return on its’ investment. Other experts believe the return on investment of an outdoor kitchen can be as much as 100-200%! If you were unsure about whether to go through with it, this statistic may make it worth your time and money, especially if you enjoy spending time on your property and eating outdoors. Almost all of our clients are adamant about including an outdoor kitchen into the design of their backyard because they know how much enjoyment they are going to get out of it.

Outdoor kitchens can be as lavish or compact as you would like with a starting price of around $20,000.00. With stainless steel appliances that are weather resistant you will find that every amenity that is offered indoors is also offered outside as well. The kitchens are usually finished with a natural stone veneer and boast a glass or ceramic tile backsplash as well. If you plan on hosting parties or simply want to provide more seating, they can be built with an attached bar. If you really want to push the envelope think about adding a television set that is attached to a hydraulic lift. This will allow you to safely store the TV inside the body of the kitchen when not in use. The additional backsplash, bar seating with the outdoor TV doesn’t come cheap and could easily push the price tag over $50,000.00.

Outdoor Kitchen Options                                                   Built In Outdoor Kitchen Upgrades

-Outdoor Television                                                              -Natural Stone Veneer

-Built Surround Sound Stereo                                         -Leather Finished Granite Countertop

-Stainless Steel Grill                                                             -Stone Corbels & Accents

-Side Burners                                                                             -Glass Tile Backsplash

-Sink                                                                                                 -Bar Seating

-Ice Maker                                                                                    -Precast Accents

-Refrigerator                                                                              – LED Lighting



-Pizza oven

-Trash Holder


Outdoor kitchens continue to advance in what they offer as they become one stop entertainment destinations in your backyard. Combine that with a luxury swimming pool and you have everything you need for family time or throwing parties. The 100-200% return on investment doesn’t hurt either!