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Have An Old Deck? Terraced Patios Offer Style & A Great ROI- Bergen County NJ

Do you have an old deck on your property that is falling apart and in need of repair? You probably want to continue to have a comfortable space outside to use, but may be wondering if repairing the deck is worthwhile. Rebuilding your outdoor space is a great way to increase the time you spend on your property, but there can be some better options than a deck.

Instead of rebuilding or replacing the old deck, think about installing a terraced or raised patio. A terraced patio can be built to provide a clean transition from indoors to out on one even ground plane. You can do this by first adding a low retaining wall on the side of the patio away from the house. This will allow you to fill in the space between the wall and the house and bring the natural stone right to the floor level. One of the great advantages of a terraced patio is that they can be built in any size, shape or style that you desire. Perfectly square or rectangular cut stones can provide a more formal or symmetrical look while irregular cut stones of different sizes can provide a more natural or freeform feel.

They are also versatile in that they can easily accommodate other features. Outdoor kitchens work wonderfully in terraced  patios creating a nice area to cook outdoors. Custom stone inlays can be incorporated to add a beautiful design or feature to the floor of the raised or terraced patio. If you want some shade over the patio you can incorporate a trellis, or even leave space in-between the stones to plant a tree. Seating can also be built into the walls on the edge of the patio to allow for overflow seating if you plan on hosting parties.

Terraced patios may have a higher initial cost than decks but are worthwhile as they are a permanent structure that offers a much better return on investment. Terraced patios have a longer lifespan than decks and the natural stone can easily handle the elements without adding any paint or sealers to it. There is also very minimal annual maintenance with a terraced patio that is constructed properly, other than sweeping and keeping the joints clean. If you have any questions about what else goes into designing and building a terraced patio reach out to a landscape architect who can assist you.



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