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Classic style lampposts used as decorative features or architectural elements add old world charm in the landscape. Cipriano Landscape Design, 2013 Best Design Winner.


The splendor of the landscape gets magnified with beautifully lit lampposts lining your yard, giving you a vibrant welcome with dazzling gateways and entrances.  It pushes you out of the gloomy nights into a truly brilliant scene with unique lighting and exciting visual accents.

Lampposts, with their decorative characteristics, drive me back to the ages when these useful fixtures were used only as streetlights. Thanks to the gardeners that realized their significance, they have become an inevitable component of lighting plans. They are stylish and capable of fitting into anybody’s budget. They are geared towards providing an outdoor living space with bold classic appeal. Oh! It reminds me of 1950s when lampposts lit every building, every room, every gateway and every street.

Solar lampposts are even becoming the rage. With these devices, your backyard will become the epitome of beauty and will display its charm to the fullest. As they are powered by sun, they don’t acquire electricity as their source of energy; they derive it from exposed rays of the sun. As environmentalists always say, “Go green!”.  Let me tell you that these devices are eco-friendly and do not pose any threat to Mother Nature. Also, it cuts down on energy expenses and saves you money in the long run.

It’s natural that one wants an appealing landscape of blooming flowers, lovely plants, cascading falls and so on. If you’re going to make the effort of catching everybody’s attention, you might as well protect that investment and preserve that beauty at night. As a result, many homeowners think of ways to illuminate their garden space. Most lighting can require burying long electrical wires and complex procedures. But with lampposts, you don’t have to sweat that much. They provide brilliant value for your money and keep your yard lit all the time. By using solar lampposts, you don’t have to shell out that much money and can still make it look marvelous!

All the visitors of my yard experience the energy that comes with these lights. The lampposts give guests the feeling as though they are walking down old streets with gardens and a true, classical style.