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Waterfalls can recreate the beauty of nature in your swimming pool design. Cipriano Landscape Design – Bergen County NJ

Waterfalls are spectacular. At the same time, they are pleasing to the eyes, enriching, and overpowering as they bring along such propinquity into our minds. It’s no wonder in present times why water is a decorative feature in commercial as well as residential spaces. A swimming pool might invoke a feeling of emptiness unless and until it is complemented with a beautifully cascading water feature known as a waterfall. As an essential feature for any backyard garden, a waterfall seeks to recreate the essential beauty of nature as part of an overall ecological landscape design. To recreate the natural beauty of local surroundings, waterfalls can use native stone in construction and also display native aquatic plants.
Take delight in the mesmerizing sound of the cascading waterfall. With the reflection of a blue sky hanging over the sparkling swimming pond surface, you will be amazed by the splendor of one of these magnificent structures. Similarly, the inclusion of a pond and the quiet movement of fish in the clear water are like icing on the cake. This magnificence of a water garden can be all yours for less money than you would have ever imagined with minimal maintenance and thorough planning. Waterfalls and different types of water features can very well become the focal point of any landscaping design. The speed, spark and sound offered by waterfalls add blossoming charm to the surroundings. Usually, a waterfall can be made along the small creek or in between a stream and a swimming pool. Also note that aquatic plants like ferns and mosses grows well on the waterfall pools while adding depth and texture to the stones and boulders.


No doubt, a waterfall offers just the right way to create gentle ambient noise in the garden. It is also a good source of humidity for the moisture-loving plants; more generally, the waterfall is a lively landscaping element that will add value to the property. Whether it’s a simple one-step waterfall or an elaborate cascade with multiple streams, designing a waterfall to fit the landscape with quality materials is not always an easy task. Many times, it requires great skill and experience on the part of the architect and builder.


Enjoy innumerable hours of peaceful contemplation while relaxing in your own water garden and let it create a magical living space!