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2013 Best Design winner, Chris Cipriano of Cipriano Landscape Design offers tips on landscape lighting design- Bergen County NJ

When tackling the task of landscape lighting, having a well thought out plan before starting is invaluable. There are certain elements the inexperienced eye will not take into consideration while planning the night landscape lighting. Understanding the duality between nature and artificial lighting can be more difficult than you might think for example. In the blog we aim to “shine some light” on this subject and assist you in your next lighting project!

As with many things sometimes less is more. Overkill when lighting up your landscape can often ruin the nighttime atmosphere. The natural darkness and lighting fixtures should go together like yin and yang. The human eye can be easily overwhelmed by bright light so the voltage, size, location, and quantity of the fixtures all play an integral part in creating an appealing, comfortable and functional space.

When it comes to placement, creativity should be used to utilize what you already have. If you are lighting a deck or patio for instance, taking advantage of railings or roof edgings equipped with LED lighting can offer a classy solution to outline the night. If lighting the edge of a property you may choose to use existing objects such as trees for flood lights and install lamppost lighting or low accent lighting to bring the space to life.

For those with an outdoor kitchen or living area, consider adding a bit of mystery to your lighting scheme. By using only the light needed for each space you’ll achieve a truly tranquil effect. With the rest of the space around you dark, you will create an intimate environment that can be enjoyed thoroughly while having a glass of wine with your significant other.

To ensure an exquisite end-result, we recommend contacting a professional who has the experience of successfully planning landscape lighting as to avoid these many first-timer pitfalls we’ve seen too many times and achieve excellence on the first attempt.

For more information on landscape lighting design or installations please contact out office, or call 201-785-0800