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Learn how to properly care for and maintain your outdoor fountain.

Nothing says luxury quite like a fountain. Whether you’re going for a larger than life fountain or a smaller one to accent your yard, the beauty a well-placed fountain can bring to your home is unmatched. One aspect of fountain ownership often overlooked is how to properly keep them clean and maintained. This blog is your guide to keeping your fountain looking brand new.

Let’s start with the pump. For a small fountain, to properly clean this important piece, you’re going to want to first take it out completely. Wipe any debris or build-up with a cloth and then wipe down the inside cover as well. If there are any hard to reach places, an old toothbrush should take care of it. On a larger fountain you’ll want to clean the skimmers and pump baskets regularly. The debris in the pumps will be at its peak in the Spring and Fall so it important to increase pump cleaning during those times of the year. Just a few minutes of cleaning your pumps can keep your fountain running for much longer and much better. For larger outdoor fountains it’s important to maintain the water chemistry similarly to a swimming pool. Algae, calcium and PH levels must be kept in check in order to keep all the components and the structure functioning properly.

If you plan on buying your own fountain, make sure it is meant for outdoor use, not indoor. Indoor fountains don’t have to worry about much besides dust, fingerprints, and small children. The outdoor fountain has the elements, animals, and still, small children to be concerned with. If you buy an indoor fountain for your yard, it will most likely not last to long.

If your fountain is leaking there are two basic options. If you cannot see the leak, let it sit for about a week. The crack should then become white and can be dealt with properly. People often forget that the water in your fountain can evaporate so make sure a drop in water level isn’t just that. If it is a pinhole leak it can be dealt with using Clear Silicone II on the inside of the piece. Anything bigger and it is probably time to contact a professional.

Have a white residue on your fountain? This is a calcium build up that has a few solutions as well. You can first try to use vinegar on a cloth and gently rub down the white parts. If that fails there are some products available at most hardware stores for this purpose specifically. The use of any of these products specifically produced to combat calcium buildup will do the trick.

Last but not least, we have winter care. The winter months can be pretty unforgiving to your outdoor fountain. Make sure that before the temperature drops below freezing you drain your fountain and unplug the pump so it can be stored in a heated area. The fountain itself can then just be covered for that itself will not freeze as most outdoor fountains contain fiberglass. You will want to drain your fountain completely! Any water left in the fountain will expand and contrast in the winter, causing some serious damage.

If you are in the market for a fountain to spruce up your landscape design, contacting a professional to discuss placement, plumbing and lighting will reap a much better reward. If the above tips seems like something you don’t want to tackle, mention to your estate manager that you would like your fountain serviced.

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