Primary Landscape & Pool Designer:

Bill Moore NJ Licensed NJ Landscape Architect

Infield Designer:

Chris Cipriano

Masonry Construction:

Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping.

Work Performed:

Vanishing Edge Pool Design/Construction, Landscape Design/Construction, Masonry

Vanishing Edge Swimming Pool  Design & Construction -Mahwah NJ

When our client approached us with their ideas for this project, we knew that we were in store for a process that would be almost as exciting as the finished project. The homeowner wanted a complete backyard paradise that would be fun and enjoyable for the whole family. They requested a waterfall, grotto, and vanishing edge (also known as infinity edge), which were all challenging given the site’s large grade transition. Aside from these challenges, we also encountered a number of difficulties as we worked to incorporate every possible amenity into the outdoor living space. With a little extra creativity and a lot of thorough work, the job was finally completed, including every amenity the homeowner could ever ask for.

Vanishing-Edge Swimming Pool with Custom, Family-Fun Features:

  • Elevated Spa (Four-Season)
  • Faux Stone Grotto
  • Faux Stone Waterfall
  • 45-Foot Fiberglass Waterslide
  • Natural Stone Beach Entry
  • Natural Stone Sun Shelf
  • Fiber Optic Lights
  • Colored LED Pool Lights
  • RiverFlow Swim/Kayak System
  • Sheer Descent
  • 300-Square-Foot Collection Pool
  • iPhone Pool Controls

Luxury Landscape and Masonry Features:

  • Norwegian Buff Quartzite Patio
  • Limestone Coping
  • Natural/Faux Stone Waterfall/Grotto
  • Planting Pockets within Grotto
  • Lush Landscaping
  • “Dive-In Movie Theater”
  • Natural and Faux Stone Structures
  • Fire Bowl
  • Tiki Torches

This thrilling backyard attraction features a 1,000-square-foot vanishing edge pool, a 300-square-foot lower pool, a 120-square-foot raised spa, a 5-foot-tall waterfall/grotto, and a 45-foot waterslide. Along with these main features, the pool design included a River Flow pool system, a beach entry, a sun shelf, fiber optic and LED lights, iPhone compatible pool controls, and a dive-in movie theater. Among some of the challenges required for this luxury pool were challenging electrical work, complicated plumbing, and a steep elevation change. Upon starting the construction process, the site required hammering out 1,000 tons of rock to make room for the outdoor living space. This was only the beginning.

During the construction process, we faced some major challenges. First and foremost, the pool’s infinity edge, like all of our infinity pools, had to be perfectly level to maximize efficiency of the pump and save on energy costs. In the end, the free-form infinity edge was within 1/32 of an inch from level; it can overflow by running less than 20 gallons per minute on a 1hp pump.

The owners insisted on a waterfall and a grotto, which made the grade transition extremely difficult. As a result, we felt we had to utilize faux stone rather than natural stone in order to handle the grade transition and remain safe. Within the faux stone grotto we included planting pockets, which were irrigated and drained so as to not overflow into the pool. The grotto also features 18 fiber optic lights, which highlight the planting and stonework after dark. The waterfall cascades over the face of this grotto; the waterfall runs on two 3hp variable speed pumps, featuring 16 different waterfall speeds.

Another major challenge was the 45-foot waterslide, which flows from above the waterfall all the way down to the 300-square-foot collection pool beneath the infinity edge. The 9’ high slide was very carefully aimed into the lower pool for safety. We paid careful attention to maintaining a proper pitch and a proper receiving envelope in order to meet safety standards. On a side-note, the slide was done in a custom finish that really captured the color palette of the project.

Lastly, the pool also features a 10 hp, 2,000 gallon per minute River Flow system. The simulated whitewater rafting system can be activated to produce a current strong enough for the homeowner to kayak against it. In order to maintain electrical code, the vertical-mounted pump was placed perfectly between the slide and the pool, with a precise 5-foot minimum between both water sources, despite difficulties of a large grade transition that included a natural stone staircase, which allowed the children direct access to the slide from the lower pool.

To finish off the extraordinary outdoor living space, the pool also comes with a “dive-in movie theater,” a projection screen stretching across the top of the vanishing edge. With this unique amenity homeowners can enjoy a movie experience as they cool off in the pool or lay on the patio for ultimate outdoor entertainment. To foster and enhance this nighttime entertainment, fiber optic and LED lighting was also included in the lower pool, upper pool, raised spa, grotto, and across the waterfall structure. Due to the extensive amount of features incorporated in the pool design, the pool was also fitted with iPhone-compatible pool controls that give the homeowners complete command over the entire outdoor living space directly from their personal mobile devices. For example, depending on ambient conditions, this homeowner can alternate between their electric heat pump and gas heater to optimize heating and reduce costs!